The world is inexorably turning urban with more than half of the world’s population (55%) living in urban settlements. In 2021, 4.1 billion people call cities their home, which is estimated to increase to 5.2 billion in 2031, 6 billion in 2041 and 6.7 billion by the middle of the century.

This rapid urbanization has led to a complex scenario of high population density, unmanageable urban sprawl, plethora of hazards, interface with aggravated vulnerabilities, increased exposure to disaster and climate induced risks and compounded risk scenarios in cities. Urban risks are many-layered, powered by unsafe constructions, informal housing, unsafe livelihoods, lack of access to information, municipal administration and other factors.

The underlying premise of resilient development in cities is is to ensure safe development through planning, policy interventions and systems for implementation. What is required is an intensive process of risk identification & assessment, risk mitigation and risk communication aiming towards resilience and sustainability. Urban governance has an important role to play in overall risk reduction. Comprehensive urban and regional planning to address the risk drivers, resilient livelihoods and a strong network of services and communication reduce the impact of disasters to a great extent.

The program aims to equip the participants on the interface between disasters and development paradigm, the need for resilience of various sectors of urban development and the tools & techniques of resilient planning & development


SPA Foundation for Innovation and Research for Social Transformation (SPA FIRST) at SPA, New Delhi has been established for sustained contribution to the development of human settlements through Training, Capacity Building, Research and Innovation in the fields of Architecture, Design, Planning and Management for social transformation with social, economic and environmental benefits.

About SPA Delhi

The School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi (SPA New Delhi) is a Institution of National Importance imparting education in planning, architecture, and design. SPA New Delhi provides training at various levels, in different aspects of human habitat and environment. The School offers highly sought after academic programmes in specialised fields at a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level. The School, in striving for excellence has always been in the lead in extending education and research to new frontiers of knowledge. Human habitat and environment being the basic concern of the School, the spectrum of academic programmes is being continuously extended by providing programmes in new fields and emerging areas.

Over the decades, the School expanded its horizons and today, it has as many as 12 Departments of studies and offers programmes at the undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral levels. In the year 2014, the School was accorded the status of ‘an institution of national importance’ under the SPA Act. Over the last 75 years, SPA has emerged as a premier national level institution in the fields of architecture and town planning.

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